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Some Persepectives on Kontra-Gewalt for Clarinet and large Orchestra

Alternative World-versions Remembering to forget, forgetting to remember

Why isn't it important to rehearse with composers?

Musikalischer Interkulturismus oder ,,Neoexotismus"?

Hopeful for change

On rules which must be broken

Komposition im 21. Jahrhundert und die Begegnung mit dem Anderen

Some analytical insights to Arabic maqamat

The way I composed from 2004 to 2016

A reflection on Bach's music

How the study of Carnatic Raga influenced my contemporary Western compositions

Fibonacci series and the Arabic culture


Saed Haddad: Entre les milieux
Edition: Ensemble 2e2m- Collection: A la ligne, 2013
Languages: French & English
ISBN: 978-2-913734-09-8

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