-Studied piano at the age of 10

-BA in philosophy at Catholic University of Lateran and Catholic University - Leuven (1989-93)

-BA Mus at Jordan Academy of Music (1993-96)

-MA Mus & Artist diploma in composition at Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1998-01)

-PhD in composition at King's College London (2002-05)
[PhD Thesis: The Abstraction of Arabic musical vocabulary, Spiritual and Cultural values into Contemporary Western Music Composition]

Main teachers:
-On basics of compostion & knowledge of repertoire: M. Zur & A. Ben-Shabetai (1998-01)
-On technical & aesthetical refinements: Sir G. Benjamin (2002-05)

Important master classes:
-On individualism in art & relationship to one's own past: A. Goehr (2000)
-On provokation & change of the self and the society: H. Lachenmann (2004)


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